Competition results
Unmanned helicopter systems team

Specific energy:

529.3 W * h/kg

Team "Polytech"

Specific energy:

529.3 W * h/kg

Team "Nauchsoft"

Specific energy:

128.7 W * h/kg

The technological barrier in accordance with p. 3.2 and p. 3.3
of The competition task is not overcome.
The first final tests in the up Great technology competitions.
Teams of Russian developers will launch into the air copter platforms with power plants to test their solutions in the field of hydrogen energy in action.
The winner of the competition is the team whose copter on hydrogen fuel will last in flight mode the longest, but not less than 3 hours.
Prize Fund of the contest
60 000 000 RUB.
Will at least one team be able to overcome the technological barrier?
The intrigue will be revealed in the final-the jury will sum up and announce the results during the ceremony.
Science Soft
helicopter systems
competitions UP GREAT
Technological barrier:
Overcoming the specific mass energy intensity of the unit 700 (seven hundred) W * h/kg, taking into account the General requirements for the product

the Result may be the creation of energy sources with fundamentally new characteristics that will multiply the time of continuous stay of drones in the air – now it does not exceed an average of half an hour when using batteries.

Overcoming this barrier will allow the technology to enter new markets. We are talking, first of all, about robots and quadrocopters, where the energy intensity of power sources is extremely important: the greater their energy intensity and less mass, the longer they will fly.

Technological contests Up Great
The format of open engineering competitions is new for Russia, in which teams need to show breakthrough solutions to global technological problems.

the themes of the competitions are based on the existing global challenges, opinions of scientific and industry experts, including international ones. Competitive challenges are part of STI's" critical technology Suite " that will have a significant impact on the global economy in the near future.

thus it is necessary to overcome technological barriers not in the format of presentations and concepts, and on the operating equipment.

Competitions are held in the framework of
National technology initiative.
Russian venture company
Agency for strategic initiatives
Venue of the final
Crocus Expo IEC, within the territory of Parking No. 8
By car:
on the outside of the Moscow ring road (66 km)
– entrance to the territory of "Crocus city" after Volokolamsk highway, pointer "Crocus city".
on the inner side of the ring road (66 km)
– exit under the bridge in front of Volokolamsk highway, pointer "Crocus city".
By public transport:
Myakinino metro Station< / span> - exits to Pavilion 3 or Crocus city.


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